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2015 has just started, but the calendar of events related to Internet Governance is already fully packed until the end of the year. The list of issues under discussion gets longer and longer and more and more people expect concrete results from the numerous meetings.

Whether we see the next stumbling step forward on the long march through the Internet Governance Ecosystem depends to a high degree on the outcomes of two different, but interrelated processes which will overshadow Internet discussion in 2015:

  • In the Internet microcosm — the management of names and numbers — the key issue will be how the so-called IANA functions are transferred to an accountable multistakeholder mechanism without compromising the security and stability of the Internet.
  • In the Internet macrocosm — the management of Internet-related public policies — the key issue will be how the multistakeholder governance approach is further enhanced to find practical solutions for the growing number of political, economic, social, cultural and legal Internet problems, inter alia, renewing the mandate of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF).

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